COMPASS is a group of Leadership Level Members with an interest in education, collecting and giving.

Offering a variety of exclusive programs and experiences, Compass provides educational insight into all aspects of CAM and its collection.

COMPASS includes at least three experiential events per season designed to be fun and engaging while encouraging the exchange of ideas and interests, connoisseurship and collecting.

Yearly dues ($1,000/person or $1,500/couple - $500/person if under Forty) gives members a voice in the permanent collection, with a seat at the Acquisitions dinner in February to cast votes on future acquisitions, meet upcoming artists during visits to their studios, and by being inspired by visiting private collectors - is uniquely part of the COMPASS experience.


Renew or apply to Join NOW for our 3rd exciting season!
All applications must be received no later than November 10, 2018
(Monthly payments may be arranged)
Many Museums - High, Mint, NCMA, MOCA - have programs similar to Compass, and it has been a dream to offer such an opportunity to our CAM upper level members
Compass Memberships for the 2018-2019 season include access to all events...
CAM is our region's premier art museum; a cultural gathering place that brings people of different backgrounds and cultures together and nurtures a lifelong curiosity about, and connection with, the world and one another. CAM is a non-profit 501 (c)3 art museum fully supported by the generosity of its donors and receives no regular on-going government funding. Contributions to the Louise Wells Cameron Art Museum are tax-deductible as provided by law. CAM has served the people of southeastern North Carolina for over fifty years.
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COMPASS Members:
Jayme Bednarczyk *
Anne Brennan *
Michael Cain
Liz & Robby Carroll *
Laura & Thomas Covington *
Amanda & Trip Coyne *
Rebecca & Conway Ficklen *
Noel Fox
Frances Goodman*
Susi Hamilton*
Beth Handler Riebe*
Kimi & Chip Hemmingway
Peggy Higgins*
Linda & Ross Highsmith
Caroline & William Hope*
Ann Lareau & Wilbur Jones*
Jean & Connor Keller*
Louise & David Mann*
Mary Webber Martin*
Caroline & Charles Neal*
Judy & Mort Neblett*
Gray & Tee Nunnelee*
Beth & Walter Pancoe*
Sam Potter
Jenny & Will Purvis *
Kim & Scott Relan *
Jessica & Andrew Schreiber *
Kim & Ted Shipley *
Betsy & JC Smith *
Annie Gray Sprunt *
Elizabeth & Vin Wells *
Frances & Toby Wells *
Helen & Steve Wells *
Helen Welsh
Kate & Lew Woodbury *