Staff Contacts


Heather Wilson

Executive Director

ext 1003

Kenda Walter

Chief Financial Officer

ext 1002

September Krueger

Director of Lifelong Learning

ext 1007

Georgia Mastroieni

Deputy Director of Operations

ext 1019

Daniel Jones

Cultural Curator

ext 1023

Amy Gibson

Museum School Coordinator


Elizabeth Overton

Director of Development

ext 1008

Jinna Sakkijha

Development Associate

ext 1868

Matt Budd

Director of Marketing

ext 1004

Kevin Wilson

Facilities Manager

ext 1021

Liz Shafer

Membership and Database Administrator

ext 1010

Doris Clifton

Human Resources/Administrative Assistant

ext 1012

Jean Lozada

Visitor Services Director

ext 1014

Rachel Sims

Museum Shop Manager

ext 1013

Chip Pridgen

Executive Chef/Café Manager

ext 1051

Andrea Anselmi

CAM Café Front of House Manager

ext 1029

Sharon Fogarty

Facility Rental and Event Coordinator

ext 1016

Grant Stewart

Technology Systems Administrator

ext 1005

Haley Branner

Graphic Design and Marketing

ext 9824

Mary Edwards

Accounting and Administrative Assistant

ext 1011

Nan Pope

Volunteer Coordinator

ext 1013

Bob Unchester

Director of Exhibitions & Collections

ext 1009

Andy Alvarez

Museum Tour Guide


Susan Whisnant

Registrar of Collections and Exhibitions

ext 1020

Dayana Camposeco

Museum Tour Guide


CAM Café


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