Guided Tours

Schedule a group tour (minimum of five people required) of the Cameron Art Museum by contacting Georgia Mastroieni, Director of Youth and Family Education, at 910.395.5999 ext. 1019 or email

Connections tours, Student group tours and Adult group tours: Reservation requests must be made at least two weeks in advance of the requested date.

CAM & Art Tours and CAM Lunch and Tours: Reservation requests must be made at least four weeks in advance of the requested date.

Please notify the museum at least 48 hours notice before your tour for cancellations.

Please provide the following information when reserving your tour:

  • Type of tour you are requesting (see below for options and pricing)
  • Contact person, phone number and email address
  • Number of people in your party
  • Age range
  • Two dates and times that you would like for your tour
  • Any special requests regarding your tour (duration, specific focus, etc.)
  • Number of chaperones (for children 12 and under, 1 chaperone per 5 students is admitted free of charge. For children over 12, I chaperone per 10 students is admitted free of charge.)

Connections Tours

The Connections Program invites adults and children with mental, physical, emotional or behavioral disabilities including Alzheimer's, dementia, autism, schizophrenia, physical disabilities and other challenges to experience the museum in a supported environment designed to minimize stress and to provide a connection between each visitor and the art on view in the museum. Their caregivers or family members meet in small groups with specially trained docents to view and discuss artwork in a public space made safe and secure for participants.

To read more on Connections Tours Click Here

Student Tours

Kindergarten & Below: $6.00 (Includes tax)
1st grade - college: $10.00(Includes tax)
We can accommodate groups of 30 at a time.

USCT Field Trips

Join CAM staff and docents for an interactive tour of the sculpture, an interactive tour of Stephen Hayes's exhibition, Voices of Futures Past, and a reflective writing and drawing lesson. Each tour will last an hour and a half. Prior to the field trip to the museum, students will engage in a short virtual pre-lesson with museum staff and will watch the Battle of Forks Road documentary.

Teachers will be provided with arts integrated lesson plans to further engagement with the history of the USCT. This project connects deeply with core curriculum in Social Studies, Language Arts, and Art. These field trips will help to generate pride in our community, curiousity in our local history, and begin conversations across lines of difference, creating a fuller understanding of our common history and our shared humanity. Students will have the opportunity to experience art by Durham-born artist Stephen Hayes, who teaches at Duke University and is the winner of the 1858 Prize for Contemporary Southern Art. He is known for his figurative work, specifically depicting the African American experience. Hayes work has been featured in the National Cathedral, Winston Salem State University, Duke University, CAM Raleigh, Rosa Parks Museum, African American Museum of Philadelphia, and Harvey B. Gantt Center, among others.

Adult Tours

$15.00 per adult/senior (Includes tax)
Please submit one payment for the entire group upon arrival.

CAM and Art Tours

Following a guided tour, you can enhance the museum experience through exhibition-inspired, hands-on activities. The museum will be happy to work with you to connect the tour and a follow-up project with your interests or curriculum.

Kindergarten & Below: $13.00(Includes tax)
Students: $15.00 per student (includes tax)
We can accommodate groups of 30 at a time

CAM Tour & Lunch

Enjoy an afternoon of art and delicious food by booking your group tour in conjunction with a lunch reservation. We can accommodate groups of 20 or less.

Guided tour: $15.00 per adult/senior (includes tax). Please submit one payment for the entire group upon arrival.
Cost of lunch: Separate restaurant charge

Please choose from the following options:
11:00am Guided Tour, 12:00pm Lunch
11:30am Lunch, 12:30pm Guided Tour

*For groups of 20 or more, please contact Georgia Mastroieni at 910.395.5999 ext. 1019 or email Due to dining capacity in the cafe, larger groups will be moved into our spacious Reception Hall for a $5 fee per person.