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Image Credit: Love exhibition graphic by Haley Branner


June 22, 2023 – October 8, 2023
Members Only Tours at 11 AM, 1 PM, and 5 PM
Love Songs in the Gallery

Love (June 22-October 8) examines this sometimes intense, often elusive emotion. True love, familial love, romantic love, self-love, platonic love, forbidden love, and lost love are all aspects of this universal emotion.

Through contemporary art, Love explores, celebrates, and looks deeply at these various aspects of love and connects us with our shared humanity. Love is an adaptation of the 2022 exhibition, What Is Left Unspoken, Love at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta.

Love includes work by Ghada Amer, Thomas Barger, Susanna Coffey, Alanna Fields, Andrea Galvani, Jeffrey Gibson, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Fritzi Huber, Rashid Johnson, Jana Vander Lee, Felicita Felli Maynard, William Selig, Dixon Stetler, Lien Truong, Michele Tejuola Turner, jina valetine, and Akram Zaatari. Loans for this exhibition are from Art Bridges and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the High Museum of Art, and private collections.

Love is an adaptation of the 2022 exhibition What is Left Unspoken, Love at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta.

Visitors under the age of 18 may find content challenging in the exhibition, Love. We kindly request parental guidance.

Hard Candy May Cause Choking
Adult Permission and supervision required

Place of Encounters

Place of Encounters/Lugar de Encuentros

May 11, 2023 - January 14, 2024

North Carolina is home to a rich diversity of voices, and this is reflected in its community of Latin American artists. Work from Lugar de Encuentros / Place of Encounters often straddles two worlds, reflecting both birthplace and resettlement, exploring both tension and harmony in the relationship between the two. From film to installation art to paintings to photography, this exhibition delves into the variety of migrant experiences, offering a space for connection, a chance to encounter another’s experience through art. Artists include Nico Amortegui, Cornelio Campos, Rodrigo Dorfman, Mario Marzan, Renzo Ortega, Rosalia Torres-Weiner.


Image Credit on right: Dayana Camposeco (American, b. 1994), Bring to Light, c. 2021. Digital photo printed on satin paper. Courtesy of the Artist.
Image Credit on left: Diego Camposeco (American, 1992 – 2019), Gerardo (Virgen Guadalupe), 2018.  Courtesy of the Estate of Diego Camposeco.

Traer a Luz/Bring to Light

May 11, 2023 – Nov 12, 2023

Dayana Camposeco’s work captures intimate, often everyday moments. Diego Camposeco described himself as a magical realist, his images as a form of writing with light, blended fact and fiction. This exhibition of photography explores the bonds of trust – between sister and brother, photographer and subject, family and community as well as light and darkness, life and death, work, and culture within the context of southern Latinx identity.

While You're Here..

  • Stroll through the ART PARK with sculptures by Charlie Brouwer, Clyde Jones, Vollis Simpson, Mel Chin and Hiroshi Sueyoshi located throughout.

  • Take an up close look at Cameron Art Museum's whirly-gig by Vollis Simpson.

  • Visit the USCT Sculpture Park, within the historic Forks Road Civil War Site. View Stephen Hayes' sculpture, "Boundless," commemorating the soldiers of the United States Colored Troops who fought on the site. Walk along the only remaining vestige of historic Federal Point Road, the primary thoroughfare in the 1860s from Fort Fisher to Wilmington. See a reconstruction of the Confederate revetments which originally spanned a course of five miles from the Cape Fear River to present-day Hugh MacRae Park. On the NC Civil War Trails marker, read about the Forks Road battle on February 20-12, 1865 fought victoriously by 1600 United States Colored Troops, contributing to the Fall of Wilmington on February 22, 1865.

  • Enjoy a stroll along the pond and through the NATURE TRAILS located on the 9.3 acres of the museum campus. The trail winds its way from the museum front door north to our historic woodlands. On the trail you will observe native plant and animal life. Also walk along the FRUIT GROVE planted in 2011 in honor of Paul W. Phillips, CAM's Senior Security Guard. The orchard contains white and black muscadine grapes, peach, pear, fig, apple, plum and blueberry plantings.

  • PICNIC AREAS located throughout Pyramid Park. Ride your bike over to the museum and grab lunch at CAM Cafe to enjoy at the picnic tables.