Watercolor Landscape and Seascape

1st day is painting a landscape; 2nd day is painting a seascape. A photo will be given for the subjects of the paintings. Starting with a drawing. Composition and design will be discussed as the instructor demonstrates the painting's beginning stages. Together we will paint skies, trees, bushes, flowers, buildings, sand and water. Color theories discussions will include the color wheel, warm and cool colors, and the watercolor's characteristics.
Saturday/Sunday, September 21-22, 10am-4pm
Skill Level:
Adult: All Levels
CAM Member $172 / Not-yet Member $215
Janice Castiglione
#8 & #10 silver black velvet brushes. 2" flat brush, water container, viva paper towels, watercolor palette, #140 arches watercolor paper, can be a block or full sheet cut in quarters(11"x14" approx.)Paint- cadium yellow, cadium orange, cadium red, alizaren crimson, burnt sienna, burnt umber, Phalo green, ultramarine blue, Extra colors -optionial- olive green, cobalt blue, raw sienna, quinactradone gold, rose madder. board to support painting, painters tape.