Natural Way To Draw – Expressive + Color

Step away from the notion of "perfect rendering" and invite unrestrained descriptive marks to influence and strengthen figurative drawings. Use fundamental materials in a new way to boost your drawings with vitality and individual voice, and color to add pop and energy.
Wednesdays, February 7th - 28th, 1:30PM-4:30PM
Skill Level:
Adult: All Levels
CAM Member $172/ Not-yet Member $215
Donna Moore

Vine and/or willow charcoal (soft)
compressed charcoal (soft)
set student grade pastels
18x24" newsprint or drawing/sketch pad
kneaded eraser (1 large)
block (firm) eraser
Any favored drawing or painting supplies*
$30 Model fee

*variety of supplies will be available for experimentation

We will discuss supplies first day of 4 wk class