Joomchi–‘Fabric’, Marks, Stitching

Immerse yourself in two slow-process crafts in one unique class!  Day 1 will concentrate on learning an ancient Korean paper craft to create a ‘felted’ paper called joomchi.  Joomchi utilizes layers of thin hanji papers that, through agitation and manipulation, create a sturdy piece that can be used alone or in other artistic endeavors.  One such endeavor will be achieved on Day 2.  Taking the previous day’s joomchi pieces, you’ll use simple hand stitches for mark making, to add found objects, or to stitc
Saturday & Sunday, February, 17-18, 10am-4pm
Skill Level:
Adult: All Levels
CAM MEMBER $ 144, Not-yet Member $180
Jan Wutkowski
Bring: needles (a variety pack of sizes is good), a spray bottle, a piece of plexiglass or vinyl signage approx. 2’ x 2’, latex-type gloves if you are allergic to dyes, a 2-3” wide foam brush, a pair of sharp craft scissors, found objects and small adornments like beads, sequins, rusted bits, small sea shells, etc.