Intro to Drypoint Printmaking

Learn the fun and easy printmaking process of drypoint. Developed in the late 15th century, drypoint is a technique in which drawing is scratched directly into a printing plate by using a pointed tool. Rembrandt used this method for his spontaneous, expressive drawing style, creating rich blacks as well as subtle shades of gray. From start to finish, students will learn the basics of plate making, inking and printing with an etching press. Different techniques will be demonstrated to add texture and color
Thursday & Friday, February 22-23, 1:00PM-5:00PM
Skill Level:
Adult: All Levels
CAM MEMBER $88, Not-yet Member $110
Antoinette Vogt

Please come to first class with an image or drawing to use for your printing plate.
1” flexable flat palette knife or putty knife
Tissue paper and small amount of newspaper
9"x12" felt to create dauber
Pencil and paper to sketch ideas
Disposable gloves (optional)
Akua brand colored water-washable printing ink (optional-colors as desired)
$15 Supply fee includes: 2 acrylic printing plates, black printing ink, printmaking paper, palette, wiping fabric
Drypoint needle/scribe available to use in the classroom