Intentional Camera Movement

How many times have you ruined a photograph with camera shake or using a longer shutter speed longer than you expected? Don’t delete it, rename it. You have created an ICM image. Intentional Camera Movement is a great way to create wonderful abstract images. When done with intention, ICM, these images can become cherished photographs. Participants will learn the process of creating ICM images in a camera by selecting the subject, lens and camera setting. No special equipment or computer skills needed.
September 21-22, Saturday–10AM-12PM/ Sunday 12pm–2pm
Skill Level:
Adult: All Levels
CAM Member $52 / Not-yet Member $65
Alan Cradick
Bring your DLSLR or mirrorless camera and a medium zoom or prime lens, 50-100mm, to the Carolina Beach State Park marina from 10 until noon on Saturday. The following day we will meet at the Pancoe Center, CAM to share and discuss our work from 12pm until 2 pm.