Creating Art Through Stained Glass

Broaden your creativity and bring added aesthetics into your life by learning the ageless art of stained glass. The technique involves selecting a pattern, choosing your colors of glass, cutting the pieces and grinding them to a smooth finish, foiling the glass and soldering the pieces together. Framing your piece completes the artwork. A variety of patterns will be offered for selection if you don't have a pattern. No previous experience is required.
Wednesdays, September 5- October 10, 9am-12pm
Skill Level:
Adult: All Levels
CAM Member $208/ Not-yet Member $260
Jane Del Rosso Freach
Clear glass for practice at least 6”x 6” in size, Safety glasses and dusk mask for cutting and grinding, Ruler, Glass cutter (I suggest the Toyo Pistol Grip glass cutter), Cutting oil, Glass running pliers, Glass grozer/breaker pliers, Copper foil (I suggest 7/32” and prefer black backed Edco brand), Solder (I suggest Canfield 60/40), Soldering iron w/built in rheostat, Patina, Flux and small brush for application, Sharpie marker, Pattern/idea of what you will make, Scissors, Workboard (portable)