Adult studies at Museum School
Summer 2017 Class Sizes Limited To 12 Students Unless Noted Otherwise
Break Week: July 1-7

4 Week Classes

Big Mind Photography & Creative Writing

Beginning and All Levels- 2017/4-ASS1
June 6 - 27, Tues. 10:00 a.m 12:00 p.m. Pancoe Art Ed Center
$120/$90 CAM member
$135/$105 CAM member after June 1

Students learn the basics of photography composition and essential narrative elements to produce their own photos and accompanying prose or poetry. This course embodies the "Big Mind" concept of dispensing with borders, boundaries, and limits to creativity.

Instructors: Dina Greenberg and Alan Cradick


Photography: Interiors

Intermediate 2017/4-ASS2
June 7 - 28, Wed., 10:00 12:00 p.m.
Locations TBA once registered, Pancoe Art Ed Center June 28
$120 / $90 CAM member
$135 / $105 CAM member after June 1

Participants explore and photograph the interiors of buildings in and around Wilmington. The class meets for two hours, photographing within a different building each week. On the final week, the class meets at Cameron Art Museum to share work in a group critique. Participants make images using a tripod, long exposures and High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography under the guidance of the course instructor.

Instructor: Alan Cradick


Creative Writing: Sketching The Narrative Landscape

Beginning and All Levels- 2017/4-ASS3
June 7 - 28, Wed. 6:30 8:30 p.m. Conference Room (Front Desk will provide access)
$120 / $90 CAM member
$135 / $105 CAM member after June 1

Students draw inspiration from "Beyond the Horizon" (current CAM exhibition) to craft prose and poetry throughout this four-week creative writing workshop. After-hours admission to Hughes Wing as class support.

Instructor: Dina Greenberg

Rendering In Colored Pencils

Beginning & All Levels 2017/4-ASS4
June 7 28, Wed. 6:00 p.m. 8:30 p.m., Pancoe Art Ed Center
$135 / $110 CAM member
$150 / $125 CAM member after June 1
$20 Material Fee paid to instructor first class

The humble colored pencil has finally come to be recognized as a fine art medium. This wonderful medium requires no water, no turpentine, no mess or complex procedures of any kind. They don't dry out or go bad when not in use and are easy to store. In this class you will learn how to create rich, vibrant color and value using Colored Pencils. These pencils have a soft structure that can be applied in a painterly opaque fashion to create photorealistic renderings that rival oil and acrylics.

Instructor: Glenn Davis

Super Beginner's Drawing

Beginning and All Levels- 2017/4-ASS5
June 8 - 29, Thurs. 6:30 8:30 p.m. Pancoe Clay Room
$120 / $90 CAM member
$135 / $105 CAM member after June 1

If stick figures are a favorite subject to draw, but you still have a hard time with those, this class is for you. In Super Beginners Drawing, aka: Doodling! We welcome those who are interested in trying out one of the best past-times since the invention of fire. Join us in this fun, friendly and open environment where drawing is just the beginning. We will play some tunes and place the pencil to paper. Who knows what will come of it?

Instructor: Kevin Dunn

1 Week Classes

Painting 101: Creative Camp For Adults

Beginning & All Levels - 2017/4-ASS6
June 12 - 16, Mon. Fri., 2:00 5:00 p.m. Pancoe Art Ed Center
$195 / $160 CAM member
$210 / $175 CAM member after June 8

This art "camp" brings students the popular 6-week beginner painting class in a consolidated week of exploration and experimentation in painting fundamentals. Through slide lectures, demos and plenty of exercises, students gain a rich introduction to materials, color theory, brush-handling , paint-mixing and foundation for building creative confidence. Acrylic recommended, oil and watercolor also welcome.

Instructor: Kirah Van Sickle

Coffee, Tea or Turp: Exploring The Still Life in Oil

Beginning & All Levels - 2017/4-ASS7
June 26 - 30, Mon. Fri., 2:00 5:00 p.m. Pancoe Art Ed Center
$195 / $160 CAM member
$210 / $175 CAM member after June 22

Still life exploration using some favorite past times within the still life structure. Students help create their own still lifes using their favorite cups, ceramics, spoons, tea bags, and other objects. Students explore Carol Marine's work, which creates harmony through breaking down still lifes in a linear fashion with perspective views that are inviting. Students work on canvas, in oil.

Instructor: Sharon Wozniak-Spencer


Watercolor Painting: Developing Technique

Beginning & All Levels - 2017/4-ASS8
July 10 - 14, Mon. Fri., 10:00 1:00 p.m. Studio 1
$195 / $160 CAM member
$210 / $175 CAM member after July 6
$25 Optional materials fee paid to instructor

This watercolor class for beginner and intermediate level participants devotes each meeting to a basic principle of drawing and painting. The course continues and expands instruction on drawing, composition and color from previous classes. Instruction is tailored to each student's skill level. Students are encouraged to make observations on color, perspective and composition for paintings that are developed in the studio. Students are invited to participate in 'art duets', sketching and painting a subject in common with the instructor.

Instructor: Fritz Kapraun

Drawing Boot Camp

Intermediate - 2017/4-ASS9
Aug. 21 - 25, Mon. Fri., 10:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. Studio 1
$195 / $160 CAM member
$210 / $175 CAM member after Aug 17

Whether you are just starting out, or an experienced painter that needs to strengthen their drawing skills, this is the class for you. Learn the methods for creating great representational art.

Instructor: Todd Carignan

Drawing Animals

Intermediate - 2017/4-ASS10
Aug. 21 - 25, Mon. Fri., 2:00 5:00 p.m. Studio 1
$195 / $160 CAM member
$210 / $175 CAM member after Aug 17

All about drawing our furry, feathered, wrinkled or scaly friends. Learn to measure to get your likeness and how to get those wonderful textures. The instructor will supply photos, but encourages you to bring in your own project for the last days.

Instructor: Todd Carignan

Oil & Cold Wax: Beyond the Basics

Intermediate - 2017/4-ASS11
Aug. 21 25, Mon. Fri., 10:00 4:00 p.m. Pancoe Art Ed Center
$420 / $350 CAM member
$435 / $365 CAM member after Aug 17
$25 materials fee paid to instructor

This workshop expands the artist's techniques and tools using oil and cold wax (CWM). Artists will be encouraged to experiment more with the use of line, shapes and color to build more complex artwork using CWM as they develop a cohesive series of work over the week. This workshop is designed for artists who have some experience working in CWM. The workshop includes instructor demonstrations, group and individual discussions, and lots of time to paint and experiment.

Instructor: Liz Hosier

Life Drawing Studio - Summer Schedule

Life Drawing Studio Morning Session
Intermediate / Advanced - 2017/4-LDG1
Independent Study (no instructor)
Wed. 9:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. Studio 1

Life Drawing Studio Evening Session
Intermediate / Advanced - 2017/4-LDG2
Independent Study (no instructor)
Wed. 6:00 9:00 p.m. Studio 1

6 Session Punch Card expires Nov 15, 2017: $110 / $90 CAM member
Drop-In: $25 / $20 Member

Life Drawing Studio Break: Does Not Meet May 31 or July 19 Aug 30
Resumes Sept 6th

Working from the human figure requires exercising the fundamentals of rhythm, balance, form, and gesture. A disciplined study of the human form is considered basic to maintaining a classical or expressive relationship to many artists' image making. Both morning and evening life drawing groups meet on a continuing basis, working with professional, nude models. No instruction a basic understanding of technique and tools is suggested. Work in the medium of your choice. Painting or modeling (with clay or wax) are encouraged in addition to the use of dry media. Studio sessions meet in Studio 1. Punch cards purchased in Summer Session will not expire until Nov. 15, 2017. Please call 910.395.5999 ext.1029 for more information.

Registration Guidelines

Classes and workshops are small, and space is limited. Students are encouraged to register at the earliest opportunity in the event a popular course fills quickly. Waiting until the last moment to register may also result in disappointment if a course is cancelled due to low enrollment. There is a 10% increase in tuition roughly one week before start date. Specific amounts and dates are indicated with each session.

Students may register online, by phone or in person. Registration opens for each session on different dates. Check Session Headings for details. CAM members enjoy discounted tuition.

Registration is complete and confirmed when payment is received and processed.

Refunds will not be issued for withdrawals from a class or workshop within 72 hours before start time. However, tuition (less 10%) will be transferred to student's choice of a future class or workshop.

Students who withdraw within 24 hours of start time will receive credit for tuition less 50%

No refunds or transfers will be given once the class has started.

Students who are not in attendance and have not been in touch with the Museum School office will be charged the full price of the class or workshop.

If class or workshop does not make minimum enrollment, it will be cancelled and enrolled students will receive their choice of 100% refund or transfer of tuition.

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