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Behind the Scenes Gallery Talks

Friday, 2/15/2019
Curious to know more about how the museum's exhibitions are put together?
Join us for a gallery talk with Holly Tripman Fitzgerald, Chief Curator, and gain a behind-the-scenes perspective on current exhibitions and CAM’s collection through "Along the Eastern Sea Road" and "A Time When Art is Everywhere: teamLab".
CAM Members: Free, Museum Admission all others Brown Wing, and Hughes Wing* *Hughes Wing: special exhibition admission still applies, $6.00 per person, 3 and under free.


Saturday, 2/16/2019
Guest artist Emily Krueger will lead a fun art activity making paper craft birds. Inspired by our exhibition, "Recovery in Flight: The Sculptures of Grainger McKoy", children will use an assortment of colors and textures of paper to create their own unique birds. Make art, explore our exhibitions and stay for brunch at CAM Café (10:00 am – 2:00 pm)! Kids @ CAM is fun for all ages! Parental supervision required at all times. No pre-registration necessary. Suggested donation: $5.00 per child.

Dance Works-in-Progress Showcase

Sunday, 2/17/2019
The Dance Cooperative, in association with CAM, provides informal showings to give working choreographers and dancers a place to present works in progress for review and critique in a nurturing environment. The public is invited to witness the creative process through its many stages and provide assistance to help the creator grow the works to realize their concepts to the fullest potential. If you are interested in presenting work, e-mail: no later than the Monday preceding each showcase. Free and open to the public.

PERFORMANCE: Experimental Music, Noise & Sound

Thursday, 2/21/2019
Carl Kruger, subterrene, and The Waking Life
Inspired by and expanding on their interaction with CAM’s exhibition "A Time When Art is Everywhere: teamLab", experimental and noise musicians Carl Kruger, subterrene, and The Waking Life perform solo sets and as a team. Each bringing their own style to create a unique experience with each performance.

By re-envisioning recordings of the sounds and visuals of the exhibition, Carl Kruger will interpret "A Time When Art Is Everywhere" with a focus on the meeting of Japanese folk elements and contemporary digital sound processing, echoing teamLab's style of mirroring the past with the present. His instruments for the evening will consist of a PC and a mixer.

As the nature of the images in "Flower and Corpse Glitch" by teamLab are of a slowly unfolding, dreamlike, yet looping nature, subterrene will be performing drones which slowly evolve and then loop back to their origin. This reflects and expands upon the images displayed in the installation. subterrene is a panoply of chugging noise, shifty atmospheric disturbances, quiescent meditative regions, a veritable bastardizing of rugged Eno-charred terrain that challenges your aural foibles.

The Waking Life performance will touch on all aspects of the team lab exhibition with a focus on the "Flower and Corpse Glitch" installation. He has created a 12 track album inspired by the installation with each track representing a panel of the installation, and will also perform live instrumentation to accompany the tracks that were created in response to the piece.
Cost: $10.00—Pay at door, tax not included. Weyerhaeuser Reception Hall.

US Colored Troops and Civil War Living History

Saturday, 2/23/2019
The American Civil War shaped the history of Wilmington and North Carolina in many ways. Discover and discuss the roles and impacts of United States Colored Troops with reenactors utilizing three stations highlighting Camp Life, North Carolina Battles and Slavery, plus two Living History personalities, Harriet Tubman (Carolyn Evans) and Frederick Douglass (Malcolm Beech).

Enjoy a talk by Wilmington’s Civil War historian Dr. Chris E. Fonvielle Jr., 1:00 pm in Studio 1. Also, all day in Studio 1 watch the documentary short "The Battle of Forks Road" (24 min., 2015).
Free and open to the public. Cameron Art Museum Grounds and Studio 1.

THEATRE: "Wilmington Reconstructed"

Saturday, 2/23/2019
STAGED READING: "Wilmington Reconstructed" - Mouths of Babe Theatre Company

In November of 1898, a group of white supremacists seized the city of Wilmington in a violent coup, expelling prominent black citizens and destroying Wilmington's Black newspaper: "The Daily Record". The event was covered up and whitewashed for the better part of a century. This work-in-progress documentary play by Mouths of Babes Theatre Company follows the "New York Times Magazine" writer John Jeremiah Sullivan as he enlists 8th graders to track down and recover lost articles of "The Daily Record", literally reconstructing the lost history of that period, and bringing to light voices that hate sought to destroy.
Free and open to the public. Weyerhaeuser Reception Hall

GROUP SINGING: Wilmington Sacred Harp Singers

Sunday, 2/24/2019
Wilmington Sacred Harp Singers ( presents a traditional Sacred Harp Singing and invite you to join in the music and raise your voice in song! This dynamic form of a cappella social singing dates back to Colonial America, using a modern reprint of the 1844 songbook "The Sacred Harp". Sacred Harp and related shape-note styles are the oldest continuous singing traditions in the United States. Surviving as a living tradition in parts of the South, notably Georgia and Alabama, Sacred Harp music has been discovered by new generations of singers who have spread the heritage across North America and to Australia and Europe.

The music is loud, vigorous and intense. It is meant to be sung, not just observed. No previous experience is necessary. 1:30 pm: Instruction for beginners, 2:00 - 4 pm: Group Singing, all. Songbooks provided, beginners welcome! Learn more about Sacred Harp singing at Free and open to the public. Weyerhaeuser Reception Hall.

CAM Café: Perry Smith, guitarist

Thursday, 2/28/2019
Enjoy music by Perry Smith ( while you dine at CAM Café (910.777.2363). Perry is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in guitar and including hand percussion, oud, mandolin, Native American flute, key boards and vocals. Perry accompanies dance classes at UNCW, facilitates drumming programs for special populations, and teaches lessons from his studio at the Art Works. He plays regularly with Cosmic Groove Lizards, Axiom, Zion, Sea Pans and Narayani. CAM Café reservations are always suggested and appreciated; Thursdays enjoy half-price bottles of wine with your meal.

Behind the Scenes Gallery Talks

Friday, 3/1/2019
Curious to know more about how the museum's exhibitions are put together? Join us for a gallery talk with Holly Tripman Fitzgerald, Chief Curator, and gain a behind-the-scenes perspective on CAM’s collection in the exhibition "Nearer to Nature".

CAM Members: Free, Museum Admission all others. Brown Wing.

"Birds of a Feather" Robin Salmon

Sunday, 3/3/2019
ILLUSTRATED LECTURE: Birds of a Feather Robin R. Salmon, VP of Art and Historical Collections/Curator of Sculpture, Brookgreen Gardens

Through her talk "Birds of a Feather" Robin R. Salmon, offers insight and will discuss how the subjects of birds relates to the purposes of Brookgreen Gardens, several of the works in Brookgreen’s exhibition, "Birds in Art", and the sculpture of Grainger McKoy in the Brookgreen collection. The work of artist Grainger McKoy is currently on view in CAM’s exhibition "Recovery in Flight: Sculptures of Grainger McKoy" (on view through March 10, 2019). Purchase seats on CAM’s website, by phone and at CAM’s Visitor Services desk. CAM Members and Students with valid ID: $10.00, Non-Members: 15.00 (tax not included). Weyerhaeuser Reception Hall

A native of Columbia, South Carolina, Robin Salmon oversees the acquisition, exhibition, and conservation of Brookgreen’s art, history, library, and archives collections, and the activities of the Carroll A. Campbell, Jr. Center for American Sculpture, bringing prominent sculptors to Brookgreen for residencies, lectures, and workshops. Salmon has degrees in history and art history from the University of South Carolina, and has been on staff at Brookgreen Gardens since 1975. She is an Allied Professional member of the National Sculpture Society, serves on its board of directors, and is the member of several other professional organizations. She is the author of five books on Brookgreen Gardens, co-author of seven books on other art and history subjects, and has written numerous essays and articles for exhibit catalogues, magazines, and other publications.